About Municipal Alarm Tracking

Municipal Alarm Tracking was founded by Thomas Causey, a former police lieutenant, who saw that false alarms reduced the amount of time that officers spent responding to true emergencies.

He leveraged his law enforcement & public safety experience to bring improved efficiencies to collecting alarm fines, and reducing the rate of false alarms that municipalities experience.

He now serves as the Board of Directors for Municipal Alarm Tracking and has more than 30 years of distinguished experience in law enforcement & public safety.

Thomas Causey

Our Mission

To provide exemplary alarm tracking solutions and services to counties and municipalities.

Meet the Leadership Team

Sheena Causey

Sheena Causey is a Director, Treasurer, and Secretary at the company. Sheena leads the day to day customer service operations, ensuring that any and all inquries are handled in a timely manner and that everything runs smoothly. Being on the front lines means that the satisfaction of our clients and their citizens is her number one priority.

Ryan Causey

Ryan Causey is the Chairman and President of the company. A software engineer by trade, he ensures that the rapid advances of technology are brought to bear for our clients. He is working to push our technology forward to bring ever more value to the table.

Thomas Causey

Thomas Causey is one of the original founding partners and a Director of the company. He is a retired police lieutenant with 3 years of service with the City of La Mesa and 27 years of service with the City of Escondido. He leverages his experience to help Municipal Alarm Tracking offer the best possible service to our clients.

Kathleen Causey

Kathleen Causey is one of the original founding partners and a Director of the company. Kathleen brings her over 23 years of experience serving our clients to the table. She helped guide the customer service focus we have at Municipal Alarm Tracking, and continues supporting that cause to this day.