Every Agency has the Exact Same
Challenges with False Alarms

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false alarm reduction

False alarms hamper your agency’s resources when your emergency responders are tied up responding to false alarms, therefore reducing their availability. We see it every day!

Many alarm systems have the same rate of failing by falsely reporting an emergency when none exist.

Our services will let your agency:

  • Bill, process, and collect fees
  • Reduce false alarm activations by promoting awareness
  • Free up your resources to handle true emergencies

We will work with you individually to tailor an alarm program that suits your needs and helps accomplish your agency’s false alarm reduction goals.

Request more information from us to see how we can improve your false alarm tracking program!

"Municipal Alarm Tracking is always taking the initiative to provide better false alarm program management that saves clients time and money." - Ryan Causey, Chairman & President

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