False Alarm
Tracking Solutions

Full Stack False Alarm Program Management

Alarm Tracking
Alarm Tracking

With data management and tracking services your agency gets complete false alarm data management for your city.

  • Screened for accuracy
  • Work with City to resolve incorrect dispositioning of false alarms
  • Accurate data leads to accurate insights
  • Custom reporting
Billings & Mailings
Billings & Mailings

With accurate data and insights MAT handles the entire billing and mailing process for your agency.

  • Accurate billing
  • Custom invoices
  • Consistent billing
  • Informative mailers
  • No postage cost to City
  • Mailing & processing of false alarm invoices
  • Alarm Permit Applications
Call Center
Call Center

Municipal Alarm Tracking provides alarm users with answers to their questions regarding their bill to ensure smooth and hassle-free payment.

  • US based
  • Knowledgeable about ordinance and City processes
  • Live person, not a recording
Recovery & Deposit
Recovery & Deposit

Municipal Alarm Tracking recovers thousands of dollars to cover the costs of responding to false alarms.

  • High rate of recovery
  • Collect false alarm fees
  • Collect alarm permit fees
  • Deal with delinquent accounts
  • Deposit directly into city’s account
  • Fee not withheld from deposit

"Municipal Alarm Tracking's focus was on customer service and they worked diligently to resolve Alarm issues." -Sgt. Pete Hubbard (retired), San Luis Obispo Police Department